How business owners are using TVs to boost sales in 2023

We bring the power of suggestion to your business

Using vibrant visuals; entice your customers to spend more money, join loyalty programs, raise awareness of products/services while connecting them to your brand.

It’s done with our media player that puts eye-catching promotional slides/video graphics on your TV screens in between entertainment programming.

Sales skyrocketed 14% after implementing on-screen promotions a national chain reveals.

How much? No cost to you. Yes it’s really free.

Here’s how; we are 100% advertiser supported

The Loop TV players and service are paid for by Loop TV with money the company earns from showing limited advertisements on your TVs.

  1. Less than half the ads you’re already seeing
  2. No contract – No credit card needed
  3. No hidden fees – No Bills

What’s next?

  1. Order your media player here
  2. You can connect the media player to your TV or we can help*
  3. Once installed we’ll upload your promotional photos/videos/logo*
  4. Then get trained how to manage your on-screen promotions remotely via web portal*

Try it today

A deal you can’t pass up! The opportunity to make more money with nothing to lose!

  • If you don’t like it, there’s no cost.
  • If you like it, there’s no cost!
  • Keep your existing TV services if you like options or cancel your TV service and save money!
  • Signage Templates built in so you can create great looking signage to display on your TVs in minutes.

Wifi and internet connection required.

Want to Speak with someone? Call 1-858-761-1924

* Services are provided directly by My Free Business TV Company. You must order your player(s) using the link on this page to receive these services.